Footy comes to give light and color to your day to day. The team behind the Footy brand is working and joining forces to create a collection of children’s accessories that seeks to convey joy, dynamism and creativity to the little ones.

You will find a wide variety of exclusive and quality designs and products. All the designs are  brand-specific and developed by a team of designers, who work to achieve unique and original results in each collection.

In addition, Footy controls every part of the manufacturing process of its products, to guarantee excellent quality standards by which the brand is governed.


– High Quality Materials –


All of our products include quality zippers designed for both right and left-handers, and straps that can support great weight, so they are totally ergonomic products to guarantee the health of the little ones.

We must also highlight the creativity in the use of the sequins that incorporate most of their products, which have a reversible option and are sewn very densely to ensure a uniform surface where they do not fall off.

The lines of accessories that make up the brand: school bags, small backpacks, school bags, children’s toiletry bags and fanny packs, allow them to be used not only for school activities, but also as a birthday gift, for extracurricular activities, for a walk or go on excursions or even as a make-up bag and pencil case.


– Approved Led Lights –


But if there is something that really makes Footy special and different, it is the use of 3-speed led lights in most of its accessories (backpacks and double cases). This feature, today, is unique in the Spanish market within children’s accessories, and they have a CE approved electrical system.

These led lights have a white tone and have 3 different flashing options. The flashing is selected on a button that has the accessory included inside in one of its compartments


– Exclusive Customer Service –


In turn, it offers a very personal and dedicated customer service, providing quality in its queries and recommendations, to offer its customers the best shopping experience. Attending to the needs of its clients at all times, both in providing some advice before the purchase, as well as in the post-sale consultations. Each of its clientsis considered a fundamental part in the brand’s community.

Footy wants to live unique experiences and adventures at the hands of its little clients and for that reason, it sends the message to the public: “Venture to Shine”.